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Canada’s Professional Education Consultants

Pass4Sures here to help adults find next career move.

About Pass4Sures Services

We are a leading Canadian company, helping adults change careers find better jobs and achieve their dreams. We are professionals with decades of experience in adult education and provide services to better equip individuals to increase their pay, change career paths through consulting, teaching, coaching and mentorship.

Mock Interviews

We can provide mock interview sessions to help you train for your upcoming interviews. Our Canadian focused business is intended to deliver on the best career knowledge to helping you find the right career choices working for any Canadian businesses.


We provide specific career training classes and workshops like resume writing, certifications in specific professional services like accounting and IT services. We provide career advice by matching you with different career choices through expensive psychological testing such as the Myers-Briggs test.


Our hands on workshops give you real world experience to help you gain the confidence you need to achieve your goals. Some of the reasons people give us about why they don’t reach for the stars is simply that they don’t have the knowledge and experience that gives them the confidence to go after what they want.

Featured Talks & Speakers

We have featured speakers, from accomplished artists to executives from large companies and more. We aim to deliver on the most extensive knowledge base in order to provide you with the best small business experience. This includes having some of the best entrepreneurs speak out our conferences in order to share their experiences and struggles in how they made it to the top achieveing their own small business or executive success and fulfiling their lifelong dreams.

Victoria Mithal

Personal Branding

Ronaldo Robert


Ionut Zamfir

Resume Writing

Jessie Collins

Business Strategy

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Get in touch with us and learn more about how you can change your career in the direction that you want. The path that 4 sure makes sense for you and the life you want to live. We believe in everyone having the opportunity to be the very best, achieve their life long dreams and ambitions. We’re here to help with that.

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